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With over 15 million root canals being performed yearly in the United States, it’s safe to say that leading dentists like those at Simple Smiles in Johnson City, Tennessee, consider root canals a safe and reliable way to preserve natural teeth. With a root canal procedure, you can keep your tooth and maintain your oral health. Call the office or use online booking to schedule your appointment now.

Root Canals Q & A

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a specialized treatment for serious tooth infections. Although a filling easily corrects more minor tooth decay, it’s not the answer for an infection of the pulp — the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue — inside your tooth. 

Because your tooth pulp contains delicate and sensitive tissues, a pulp infection means serious pain and oftentimes removal is the only way to stop it. 

What happens during a root canal procedure?

First, the skilled Simple Smiles dental care team administers conscious sedation, if needed, along with a local tooth-numbing injection. You'll be awake for the root canal, but you won't feel any pain or anxiety. 

During the root canal procedure, the dentist creates a tiny hole in your tooth. This provides access to the tooth’s pulp chamber. Then they remove the infected tissue, clean the root canals that branch from your pulp chamber, and disinfect the treatment area. 

Finally, the tooth is filled with a sterile rubberlike material known as gutta-percha, and the tiny hole in the tooth is sealed. The gutta-percha essentially replaces your tooth pulp, which restores some of your tooth's original strength. 

However, to return your tooth to full function, you need a crown. Porcelain crowns cover your whole tooth to give you a normal, natural-looking tooth with full chewing capability. Usually, you'll have two appointments to complete the root canal, with the first being the procedure and the second being a custom crown fitting.

What are the advantages of getting a root canal?

Untreated tooth infections could spread to your other teeth and throughout your mouth. A root canal eliminates the infection to save not only one tooth, but potentially other teeth by removing the infection. 

A root canal can also preserve your appearance. Beyond the obvious benefit of covering your own tooth with a beautiful custom crown, keeping your own tooth and root preserves your normal facial structure and helps prevent bone loss in your jawbone.

Root canals can also save you money in the long run. By addressing the problem now, you can most likely prevent a costly future treatment like an extraction or dental implant.

The Simple Smiles team offers gentle root canals, and they put your comfort first. Call the office or book an appointment using the online scheduling tool now.