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Full-mouth rehabilitation is a series of procedures and treatments that can renew your whole smile. At Simple Smiles in Johnson City, Tennessee, the skilled team pairs their artistic design skills and cutting-edge dental technologies to give you the strong, healthy, and confident smile you’re dreaming of. Schedule your consultation with online booking or call the office today.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Q & A

What is full-mouth rehabilitation?

Full-mouth rehabilitation is a group of procedures that the Simple Smiles team customizes for your needs. For example, they may remove decay or amalgam fillings and replace old restorations. 

The ultimate goal of a full-mouth rehabilitation is improved form and function of your teeth and gums. You can expect a healthy, strong, and lovely smile after full-mouth restoration at Simple Smiles. 

What kind of procedures does full-mouth rehabilitation include?

Full-mouth rehabilitation may include one, two, or even many of the following.


Porcelain crowns cover a broken, weak, or vulnerable tooth to allow normal use and appearance.


Bridges replace missing teeth. Most dental bridges include a pair of crowns with a pontic (replacement tooth) between them. A bridge extends to the gumline but not below it, so it doesn’t replace your tooth roots.

Dental implants

A dental implant is a permanent restoration consisting of a post in your jawbone covered with a crown. Implants can help prevent bone loss and other problems associated with tooth loss. They’re extremely comfortable and have a natural appearance.


Dentures are normally removable, but Simple Smiles also offers implant-retained dentures with only a few dental implants to hold your top or bottom dentures in your mouth.

There are also many other options for full-mouth rehab, including veneers, bonding, and tooth-colored fillings. 

For many patients, a full-mouth rehabilitation also includes removal of old amalgam fillings. The Simple Smiles team has specialized equipment to help them safely remove old amalgam fillings without exposing you to harmful mercury vapor fumes. 

What are the advantages of full-mouth rehabilitation?

Full-mouth rehabilitation offers many advantages, including:

  • Improving facial contours following tooth loss
  • Enhancing your appearance
  • Correcting overbite, underbite, or other alignment challenges
  • Boosting your self-confidence
  • Reducing or eliminating the risks tied to amalgam fillings

With full-mouth rehabilitation, you can achieve a healthy mouth, even if you’ve neglected your dental care for a long time. 

How long does full-mouth rehabilitation take?

The timing of full-mouth rehabilitation depends on which procedures you’re having done, your budget, and your schedule. You can get a brand new restoration in only a few days, or in some cases even the same day. Alternatively, you can space the procedures out over time. How long an appointment takes can vary, but typically lasts no more than four hours at one time. 

Schedule your full-mouth rehabilitation consultation by calling Simple Smiles or clicking the online booking tool.