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Preventive care is the most effective way to have ideal oral health, and the cornerstone of any preventive care plan is regular dental cleanings. At Simple Smiles in Johnson City, Tennessee, an experienced team of talented dental care providers offers everything you need for preventive care, including professional dental cleanings. Book your teeth-cleaning appointment online or call the office to schedule now.

Dental Cleanings Q & A

How often should I schedule my dental cleanings?

Periodontal disease and the vast majority of cavities are completely preventable, but prevention requires more than just brushing your teeth at home. You also need professional teeth cleanings at Simple Smiles. The frequency of your cleanings depends on your age, current oral health, general health, and risk for oral disease. 

The Simple Smiles team can tell you the ideal dental cleanings schedule. For many children and adults, it’s twice a year (every six months), but your needs can change over time. Some patients who have a history of frequent cavities and/or periodontal disease may need cleanings more often, like every three or four months.

What can I expect during a professional dental cleaning?

Your Simple Smiles hygienist performs your teeth cleaning using the state-of-the-art CavitronⓇ ultrasonic scaling device from Dentsply Sirona. Cavitron works by sending high frequency vibrations and water to effectively remove plaque and tartar while flushing harmful bacteria away. 

With the plaque and tartar gone, your hygienist uses a professional-grade toothpaste to clean your teeth with a small spinning brush. Then they do a full-mouth tooth flossing as well. Following your cleaning, you may need a fluoride treatment to protect your teeth from decay. 

When your teeth are clean, your dentist does an oral exam and checks your teeth for cavities. 

How is ultrasonic cleaning better than traditional methods?

Although plaque is reasonably easy to remove with basic brushing, tartar is far more challenging. For many years, the only way to remove tartar was scraping with handheld dental tools. 

Unfortunately, the scraping process can be uncomfortable or even painful. This is especially true in cases where you have tartar both above and below your gumline, since your gums are so sensitive. For traditional deep cleanings for advanced periodontal disease, you typically need anesthesia because the process can cause some discomfort. 

Cavitron ultrasonic scaling is such a great alternative because it's completely painless. Because it generates such rapid pulses, there are no uncomfortable vibrations during the cleaning. You don’t need anesthesia for Cavitron ultrasonic teeth cleanings.

Simple Smiles is proud to offer the most advanced type of dental cleanings possible with ultrasonic scaling. Call the office or click the online appointment maker to book your dental cleaning now.