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Dental implants are dentistry’s answer for lost teeth. They mimic the root foundation and crown structure of natural teeth to act as the most solid and beautiful replacement for a missing tooth. In Simple Smiles Studio, dental implants are both placed and restored by us.

We have advanced dental tools on hand for the best restoration. Dental implants require two phases – surgical placement and crown restoration. Your dentist envisions the final crown restoration and works backwards to ensure the perfect placement of the surgical post. The placement procedure is performed in office and is very quick. Healing time is a few months, while the post integrates with the jaw bone, thus securing the implant firmly.

When decay starts on a tooth, it can be fixed with a filling. If it returns, the repair gets bigger and bigger. When the tooth can’t stand any bigger restorations or experiences a failed root canal, an implant is the answer! Implants are revered for the following:

  • Providing the anchor for implant-supported dentures
  • Immediate implants available in some cases (get the implant the same day your tooth is extracted)
  • Completing your smile
  • Providing ideal chewing surfaces
  • Retaining bone density and a youthful appearance
  • Helping you feel good about your smile

Implants are also a wonderful option for denture wearers. The implants are used to anchor a bridge in place, giving greater stability and functionality. You can eat and smile with confidence again, without the inconvenience caused by slipping dentures. An implant supported prosthetic also stops the bone loss associated with missing teeth, maintaining a healthy dental environment.

We realize there are different levels of comfort required by our patients and we have a variety of pain management options. We even offers sedation dentistry for those who would like to “sleep” during their procedure. Our patients have been pleasantly surprised at how comfortable this procedure actually is, both during and after treatment.

Everyone deserves a full beautiful smile. Call us for more information on dental implants!

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