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No matter what smile you were born with, you can enjoy a confident smile that personifies you! When you meet with us to learn about a smile makeover, you are really involved in the decision making process. How else can we achieve a masterpiece smile than by listening to your concerns and realizing your smile goals?

Our cosmetic dentistry is truly remarkable. After just a few dental appointments, you can face your dream smile in the mirror every day! Smile design is able to correct:

  • Discoloration
  • Spaces or gaps between teeth
  • An uneven midline (the way the top and bottom teeth come together)
  • Awkwardly rotated teeth
  • Short, narrow or stubby teeth

And more!

The cosmetic dentistry process of smile design is exceedingly technical. We will ensure the bite is balanced with precise measurements. We then preps a wax model which will preview your smile design. The model helps our visualize the process step-by-step while you get to view and participate in your new smile. Only the right shapes, colors and alignment will work for you – so we make it easy to provide feedback.

Every smile design is absolutely individual. We provides a natural looking smile design result by closely examining:

  • Your gum line
  • How many teeth are visible when smiling
  • The shapes of your teeth and facial characteristics
  • Your eye color, skin color and hair color
  • Gender, age and stature

Smile design is where gifted dentist our blends art and science into perfect harmony for your most beautiful smile. Request your consultation today!

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